Last night, I fell in love with Brazil again. It happens a lot, I have to admit. These moments of pure love for this country. I went to “Choro Xadrez” in Rio Tavares. Four guys open their house once a week for the public to make music, Samba! Everybody can bring an instrument and join them! They are spreading so much joy, the vibe is amazing! A friend of mine said: This could be a scene of a “gringo”-movie about Brazil. Yes, so true, THAT is Brazil! If you had an image of Brazil in mind, that would be it! I really didn´t want to go home, I just didn`t want that night to end! Can´t wait to go there again!

I will write more about the different places itself, but here a short list with my favorite Samba places:

  • Choro Xadrezm #choroxadrez
  • Rancho do Neco in Sambaqui
  • Geosamba at the UFSC

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