Hello world!

For two years now, I´ve been living in Floripa and I can`t wait to show you this magic place!

Let me just share this moment with you to connect with the vibe: I am sitting in the Baruc Natural, sort of a Café on the beach. In front of me the turquoise ocean, surfers catching one wave after another, on the horizon a small island, on the table next to me a coconut… Every single day I am grateful to be able to live at a place like this! What a privilege is that!

But back to the beginning: Floripa? Where`s that? Floripa is just the nickname for this island in the south of Brasil. There`s a bridge to the continent, so people also call it a peninsula. But the spirit is the spirit of an island. Of the “Ilha da Magia” – Magic Island. And it`s true, Floripa is magic. I am not the only one who came here, fell in love with the place and never left.

I came here during the last year of university to do an internship in a hospital. I didn’t know anything about Floripa before. A fellow student gave me the contact and said: It`s an island with 42 beaches, safe and it`s great to surf there. And I said: Sounds good, I go!

When I arrived, I was blown away by the beauty of nature! I do still have these moments, and they are not rare: I go around the next corner and I am completely impressed that the island still astonishes me. My way home represents one of these moments. I am living in Lagoa. To get there I have to get over a hill and WOW, the view from up there is amazing. Every time I cross the top, I see the wonderful Lagoa spreading out down there, I see the ocean and I leave all the stress behind!

The idea of this blog is to talk about my favorite places and share my experiences with you!