Last but not least – Lençóis Maranhenses

From Jeri to Barreirinhas: As I did not want to pay 250 Reais for a transfer to Lençóis, I took the bus and it all worked out perfectly. In Jeri, nobody could give me information about busses from Parnaíba to Tutóia, but they exist and for less than 100 Reais you can get to Barreirinhas, the door to the desert.

Actually, I wanted to do a three-day-trekking to Santo Amaro. But I got really ill and was happy to be able to do at least one trip to Lagoa Bonita. The landscape of lagoons embedded in the dunes is really breathtaking. Not only this paradox setting is impressive, but also the lagoons themselves are crystal clear, blue… Simply amazing!

Barreirinhas was followed by the last stop of my journey: São Luís, the City of Reggae! I only got to know the historic center and liked the vibe. A lot of colonial, super beautiful buildings. There are a lot of museums. I really wanted to go to the Museum of Reggae, but it was closed on Mondays. Actually, almost all the museums are closed on Mondays 🙁 Bad luck, because it was the only day I had in the city before flying back to Floripa.

Hostels: Casa do Professor Hostel in Barreirinhas: Simple, cheap and great staff. Reviver Hostel in São Luís: Amazing hostel. A huge colonial house, great bedrooms, modern and there is even a pool. Insta: hostelreviver

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