I will start by saying the truth: I was disappointed by Jeri. Jeri is so famous, everybody is so euphoric about the place, but, well, I do not agree with “all them”. And I am not alone. Most of the travelers I was talking to where disappointed. If you do Kite or Windsurf, for sure, it is paradise. And if you are rich and have the money to have dinner in all those cute charming restaurants, it might be nice, too. But for a backpacker, it is just very expensive, the beach is ugly and it is super windy. So for so good. I have to admit, there were also things I liked about Jeri. But let`s go back to the beginning.

When I arrived, I was fascinated by the number of people. I was expecting a small village, something similar to Caraíva. But apparently Jeri grew a lot over the last years. It became really touristy. If you want to make party and get drunk, definitely a great place to go. At night, the way to the beach is full of people selling Caipirinha. Actually, the party starts at sunset-time in Café Jeri. The people do already get drunk there, later they go to the beach and at about 23/24 hrs starts another party. The next day, they sleep in, wake up with a hangover and at sunset -time, it starts all over again. I am very hard on Jeri right now. I guess I was just expecting something else. A chilled, alternative vibe. But that sort of spirit is gone. It is more of a place like Ibiza now. No judgment. Just not my style.

Nevertheless, the sunset is spectacular! Probably the first place in Brasil, where I saw the sun setting into the ocean. Not setting behind mountains, a river or anything else. Into the ocean! So beautiful! And I met really nice people and had a great time there. And yes, I love the fact, that there are only sandy streets and a lot of art. The landscape going in the direction of the “Pedra furada” is nice as well. And the Lagoas and the dunes. As I was going to Lençóis Maranhenses afterward, the Lagoas were not a reason for me to go to Jeri.

If it was true what Bob Dylan was singing, Jeri is the place to go when you are questioning your life: ” The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind…”

Hostel América do Sul: I can highly recommend this hostel. Great cost-performance ratio. A lot of hammocks, two kitchens, cozy space.

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