Adventurous Rio

After more than 2 years, I finally was in Rio de Janeiro again! I was visiting a friend of mine, who moved from Floripa to Rio almost one year ago. On Instagram, I could follow all the crazy adventures he was having. And by crazy I mean crazy! He is a base jumper, jumping from the tops of favelas, buildings, but mostly rocks. The Pedra da Gávea is one of his favorite spots and I was longing to get to know the place myself. It is an 843 m high rock/mountain in the forest of Tijuca in Rio and the hike to get to the top is quite challenging. You have to climb a 30 m high rock face and I really had to overcome my fear. We did it without a rope and phew, I was so relieved when I had made it. In spite of all the effort, I really enjoyed the hike and the view from the top – incredible. Last time, I was on the Dois Irmãos and I was astonished by the view. But this was even more impressive. The location of Rio is so beautiful, Cristo Redentor spreading his arms over the city, the Lagoa, the little hills everywhere, the Sugarloaf… I was extremely happy to get to know the place where my friend always jumps from. The place, I had already seen in so many videos. And now I was finally there, having a scenic, delicious “brunch” with the things we brought.

Because it was too windy that day, my friend walked down Gávea with me, his first descent :D. I was glad he came with me because even though we took another route, we had to overcome a rock face and alone I would not have been able to get down there. Moreover, he showed me various secret spots (from where he jumps, of course) on the way! What an awesome day!

His other passion is climbing, and of course, I did not want to miss out on that. He took me to the Morro da Urca and the Sugarloaf, where we climbed some rocks. I do not know, where it comes from, but out of a sudden, I am suffering from fear of heights. In the end, he was as proud as I was that I did it. Next time, I want to climb all the way up to the top of the Sugarloaf! Rio, I am coming back!

Check out my friends Insta #kombi.dubem. He is supporting great social projects in Brasil!

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