About Me

Hi, I am Ann-Cathrin and I like to share my love for travelling!

For my parents, traveling has always been more important than status symbols. They took my brother and me to explore Europe and the US and infected me with their love to travel. After school, I started to explore the world on my own. I was working in France, doing work and holiday in Australia and spent months in Asia, South East Asia, Israel, some Arabic countries and the whole American continent. I used every opportunity to grab my backpack and get to know more places in the world.

I am born in Munich, Germany, studied in Hamburg, was living for one year in Lisbon and doing internships in New Zealand and Brasil.
Well, I fell in love with a lot of countries, but Brasil was special and after finishing university I moved here. For almost two years now, I have been living in Florianópolis and exploring this huge, amazing country.

And do you know what? Travelling hasn`t to be expensive! Let me show my way to travel, diving into new cultures and really get to know the locals and their favorite places!